Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Skill Allocations for level 40

I recommend the following skill point allocations for level 40 players

Essential Skills

Combat 3 -- Simply a must

Taunt 3 -- Great to maximize your kills

Trodent Doctrine 3 -- Essential for hunting

Cleave 3 -- Also essential for hunting

Dragon Master 2 -- 20 Extra HP invaluable for non warriors and warriors alike

Very Important Skills

Shield Charge 3 -- Great for hunting

Serenity 3 -- Saves those valuable seconds, good for groups

Blacksmithing 3 -- Save gold and halvar keeping your weapons in trim

Scavenge 3 -- Extra gold especially from silkies

Important Skills

Troll lore 2 -- if you chop trees a lot

Aquarian 1 -- for pearls and whirlpools if you water hunt

Monolith 3 -- My absolute favourite if you can get it unlocked

Warden 3 -- Great in a group

Archery 1 -- In case you need to use a bow

Unessential skills

Hunter's eye -- yes you can live without it and it hinders your silkie runs

All crafting -- get them with your gold and connections

Cartography -- Use gold

These make up my rough pyramid of skills.  Different classes will have different priorities, but I'm basing mine on Legion.  Militia will want archery and Ninja will want Oiyoi, for example.  But I think the mix above is a great template.